First Italian Conference on Pediatric DIPG/DMG 2023


Conference Place: Chamber of Commerce
(Camera di Commercio in Bari)

The Chamber of Commerce is an autonomous institution that carries out, within the provincial territory, functions of general interest for the business system, promoting and contributing to its development within local economies.

Linked in a network with the entire chamber system in Italy and abroad; integrated with other national organizations and institutions; supported by the collaboration of business associations, the Chamber represents for companies the gateway to Public Administration, the convergence point between production activities and the State.

Headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Bari.
Address: Corso Cavour, 2 – 70121 Bari


Bari, located in the southern region of Italy, is a historic port city that boasts a unique blend of both modern and ancient architecture. From the cobblestone streets of the Old Town to the stylish new developments in the historic port district, Bari is a city of contrasts that offers something for everyone.

One of the most iconic landmarks of Bari is the Basilica of Saint Nicholas, a grand church that was built in the 11th century, and which houses the relics of the city’s patron saint. Visitors can also explore the winding streets of the Old Town, which are lined with charming boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. For those interested in history, there are also a number of fascinating museums and galleries to visit, including the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Bari and the Pinacoteca Provinciale di Bari.

Bari is also known for its vibrant food scene. The city’s location on the coast means that fresh seafood is a staple of local cuisine, but visitors can also sample a range of delicious pasta dishes, pizzas, and local wines. Those looking for a more lively atmosphere can head to one of the many bars and nightclubs that are dotted throughout the city.

Overall, Bari is a city with a rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning architecture, making it a must-visit destination for anyone travelling to the region.

How to Reach Bari

There are several ways to reach the city of Bari. The most common method is by air, as Bari has its own international airport, Karol Wojtyla Airport. The airport is located around 8 kilometers west of the city center, and can be reached via public transportation, taxi, or car rental.
Another option is by train, as Bari is well-connected to other major Italian cities through its central train station, Bari Centrale. Trains run regularly to and from destinations such as Rome, Florence, and Naples. Bari is also linked to other cities in the southern region of Italy through regional trains, which are a more affordable option.
For those travelling by car, Bari is easily accessible via the A14 motorway, which connects it with other major cities along the Adriatic coast. Additionally, there are several regional roads that connect Bari to nearby towns and cities.
Lastly, for those travelling from Greece, there are ferry services that run from several Greek ports to Bari’s port, which is located in the heart of the city.